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Highfield Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics at Level 2

This qualification consists of 1 mandatory component. Learners must complete 1 written examination that is set, marked and moderated by Highfield. The assessment will test a learner’s representing, analysing and interpreting skills using numbers (including algebra), geometry and statistics in realistic contexts.

Mathematics examinations are available on demand in either on screen or paper-based format.

Learners will receive complimentary access to an online functional skills resource that hosts a range of engaging English materials to support learners, including initial assessments, tutorials and interactive learning resources. Please contact your Highfield account manager to take advantage of this offer.

Practice Examinations

* A new paper-based practice examination has now been released. In addition, the existing paper-based practice examination has been updated following a company rebrand and centre feedback. Please download the latest versions of the examinations and mark schemes using the links below.

Our practice examinations are available to support learners in their preparation for their examination of functional skills and are available in both paper-based and on screen formats. On screen practice examinations help learners to familiarise themselves with the various features of the system such as how to navigate through the exam, opening and resizing pop-up images and text, using the graph creator tool and using the method calculator etc… Please however note that on screen practice examinations are for familiarisation purposes only and responses cannot be saved. Therefore, if a tutor would like to mark the learner’s responses they must review the learner’s answers prior to the learner finishing the examination.

Please click on the links below to access the practice examinations:

Level 2 Maths Practice Examination (on screen) currently only available using Internet Explorer

Level 2 Maths Practice Examination 1 (paper-based)

Level 2 Maths Practice Examination 2 (paper-based)