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Highfield Core has arrived

higfield core online solutions

Highfield core is our new user-friendly functional skills assessment platform (which has now replaced the Surpass platform).

Our new platform allows learners to navigate their own online assessments with ease, enhancing their overall assessment experience for functional skills.

As it is integrated with Highfield Central, it streamlines all processes involved for invigilators and candidates, as well as those booking and managing examinations – resulting in greater efficiency for all involved.

There are other fantastic benefits of using Highfield core for functional skills assessment, which include:

  • the platform is browser-based, meaning there are no download or plug-in requirements
  • it’s completely compatible with Proctor, allowing for remote invigilation
  • it allows candidates to conduct mock assessments, enabling them to download their answers so tutors can assess and mark them, ensuring they are suitably prepared for their final assessment
  • it’s simple to use, and easy for invigilators to control
  • it provides in-depth system tutorials with demonstration videos
  • it provides candidates with tutorial advice on the tools they will use during their assessment
  • it provides an automated lock-out function for instances where a candidate clicks off a screen during an assessment

We encourage you to view our Introducing Highfield core webinar below to find out more about this new platform.