Highfield Qualifications

Support for learners

Each year Highfield supports around 2 million learners to achieve their educational aspirations. This is done through the provision of our qualifications, educational resources and e-platforms. At Highfield, we have a presence in almost 100 countries, with training centres approved to deliver Highfield qualifications in over 30 of them.

If you’re looking to advance your career through the achievement of a qualification, our approved training centres can offer you a choice of over 250 qualifications ranging from level 1 (beginner) through to level 5 (advanced). These qualifications cover a huge variety of subjects (such as health and social care, logistics, retail, hospitality and many others), meaning whatever career path you’re looking to start on, we’ll likely have something for you. Many of our qualifications can also be incorporated into apprenticeship programmes; this includes the new apprenticeship standards, which have been specifically developed to meet employers’ needs. If you’re looking to start or progress your career and would like to achieve a Highfield qualification to help you do this, please visit our Course Finder + tool and simply enter the name of the subject you would like to train in and where you live.  

Alternatively, if you have achieved a Highfield qualification and would like to validate your achievement of this qualification, simply go to Check a Certificate. Your employer/potential employer can also use this tool to validate that you have achieved a Highfield qualification.

Should you have any queries regarding whether you have passed an examination leading to a Highfield qualification or regarding any elements of your course content, we would always advise you to contact your Highfield approved training provider directly in the first instance.