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Remote Invigilation

What is remote invigilation

Remote invigilation, or RI as it is often referred, is a method that allows learners to take an examination, or assessment, away from a traditional examination setting, such as from the comfort of their own home, or at their workplace.

While an assessor does not have to physically be with the learner during the examination process, they do monitor them online via the video camera on the learner’s device to ensure that required quality standards are met.

Remote Invigilation became extremely popular due to the lockdown that was enforced during the COVID-19 pandemic. While restrictions have now ended, and many things have returned to normal, remote invigilation has remained extremely popular with employers, training providers and learners due to several key reasons we’ll now outline.

Benefits of remote Invigilation




Learners can take their examination or assessment from any convenient location such as home or work. This often helps learners relax more, allowing them to feel more confident and perform better in a timed examination.


Cost and Time Saving

Learners no longer need to take time away from their place of work travelling to a nominated location. This allows learners additional time preparing for an exam and saves the associated costs travel costs.



Our live online booking system is simple to use and offers enhanced flexibility to learners when booking assessment slots. We listened and now offer same day, evenings and weekend assessment slots.

Employers and Training Providers


Cost and Time Saving

Remove the hassle from arranging assessment suites, invigilators, and travel arrangements for you and your learners. Remote invigilation allows continuity of assessments even in the event of extreme weather or travel disruptions.


Reliable and Secure

Our remote invigilation software is reliable, secure, and offers a seamless user friendly experience when setting up assessments for your candidates mock and final exams. We even offer instant provisional results at the end of the exam.


Customer Support

All our exams are invigilated by a member of our friendly Highfield support team. We also offer full customer support to you and your candidates prior and during their exam.

How our remote invigilation service works

The candidate will need to select a suitable location to be assessed. This may be a location that has already been chosen at work by their employer, or it could be at their own home. The area does need to have an internet connection and be suitably isolated so the examination will not be interrupted, as it needs to be invigilated under the required conditions of any other examination. For more information on our remote invigilation service check out our detailed learner journey guide.

Training providers can select a suitable date and time to book a remote invigilation seat directly on our website, and confirm the booking with the learner using our booking confirmation template.

When it is time to be assessed the candidate must log on to our digital invigilation platform ProctorExam and enter their unique credentials to confirm their identification.

Prepare for your exam with our system setup guide

How to set up and end an exam with ProctorExam

Exam Conditions

Candidates are then required to comply with our exam conditions checklist, which require them to use their smartphone and webcam to film around their environment to show their invigilator that they are not only in an isolated area, but also have no access to any notes or training aids. They will then place their smartphone in an area that films them for the duration of their examination. Our invigilators are trained to evaluate the candidate’s performance and look out for tell-tale signs of cheating. 

The great thing about completing an examination on a digital platform is that the candidate may be provided with an instant result shown on-screen at the end of their exam*, which also allows a resit to be swiftly applied for in the instance of a failed result.

*Please note, that this result is strictly provisional and may be subject to further quality assurance measures at Highfield. Multiple-choice examination results will be released within 7 working days. Other examination results including functional skills will be released within 10 working days and results for end point assessments will be released in line with the Highfield Assessment service levels.

Exam Integrity

In instances where a single-camera video-conferencing system is used, then there is significant potential for cheating. However, when a proctoring system is used, then invigilators gain a 360 degree view of the exam room, resulting in a fail-safe invigilation service.

We of course use ProctorExam and the video outlines the full benefits of this with reference to ensuring the integrity of the examination.