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T Levels

Introducing T Levels

t levels

T Levels were launched by the government in September 2020, as a high-quality and work-focused alternative to A Levels, typically taken by 16–18-year-olds. A T Level includes a technical qualification that will take a learner a total of two years to complete. Each T Level is equivalent to three A Levels and can be used to embark on an exciting career, or to gain entry into higher-level study, as like A Levels, they attract UCAS points.

Here’s why T Level qualifications are different

T Levels are an alternative to A levels, apprenticeships and other 16 to 19 courses. They focus on the needs of the sector and employers and ensure that learners have the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to make an immediate splash in their chosen sector. They also allow learners to take on an industry placement of at least 315 hours (approximately 45 days) in their chosen sector, to better prepare them for starting their career on the right foot.

Because employers have a significant hand in their development, they support both highly skilled and adaptive working, essential to the future success of the sector.

Highfield and T Levels

In October 2021 it was announced that we had been chosen as the awarding organisation to both develop and deliver the T Level Technical Qualification in Catering.

The introduction of this particular qualification represents one of the most significant developments in hospitality education in the last decade. Thankfully we’ve been at the forefront of education in this particular sector for close to 40 years. We’re ready for the challenge, but we’re looking for employers and training providers who also want to support this exciting development.